Afternoon in Homer

We ended the trail ride with more terrific views of the Kenai Mountain range.

There’s nothing like the end of a 5-hour horseback ride for inexperienced riders:  we were sore, sore, sore!  Went back to the B&B for a shower and a quick nap, then drove down into Homer.  We went to a small street fair (they spell it, “faire”), which was very odd — young white children dancing hip hop, lots of people selling beaded jewelry, and three belly dancers — but interesting.  Then we stopped by their new library, had dinner (cheese fondue and pizza at Fat Olives), and drove to the Homer Beach.  It’s rocky, and the water is icy-cold.  Prescott and I both think that it’s really sad to have this much water around and not be able to swim in it!

We spent about 15 minutes on “The Spit,” a tiny little finger of land that sticks out into Kachemak Bay.  Great view, but so many gift shops, halibut-fishing tour huts, and tacky “eat fresh fish here” places that we left in a hurry.  The view of the ocean — with boats coming in for the evening — was worth the look.

Went back to the B&B early for some much-needed rest — after a long day in the sun on the back of a horse, we were pretty exhausted.

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