Guest Blogger – Prescott’s Thoughts

So – I figured I would give some of my thoughts on Alaska so far.  We are leaving Homer today, and I think we have a pretty good feel for the place.  I will note, that my bum is sore like a naughty schoolchild.

The pictures on the side here are just some fun times we had here.

The thing about Homer is that there is an amazing panoramic view nearly all the time – from everywhere.  When I asked our cowboy horseriding guide if he notices the view any more – he basically said that he doesn’t.

In general – Alaskans are extremely friendly.  They are fairly proud of this fact.

One interesting thing here is that there is a community of Russian “Old Believers.” What makes it so strange to me – is that Homer folks try hard to be a big community, and folks from this community (the call them “The Russians” here) are fairly separated.  There is little intermarriage (but some) – and the community stays to itself.

Anyway – on to Seward.

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