Alaska is amazing — it’s still light even at 11:30 at night.  Here are a couple of views at night from the deck of our B&B (with no flash!).

We’ve enjoyed looking at the architecture around here.  Lots of do-it-yourself homebuilding!  This is a picture of one of several buildings that I call “the higgledy-piggledy houses.”

And here’s the exciting news:  we saw a moose this morning!  (We saw a moose yesterday, too, but it was hiding in the woods and disappeared before we got a really good look.)  This morning’s moose ran across the road as we were driving from the B&B down into town.  It scurried into a stone & gravel lot at top speed, and we chased it in search of a picture.  The moose was not especially interested in hanging out waiting for us to use our camera, but Prescott did get one quick snapshot in before it vanished into the weeds and the woods.


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