Guest Blog – Prescott Thoughts

Ever notice that Tina’s jacket bends her in to the green landscape? [Ed. note: Tina’s not in this picture. It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” without Waldo.]

What you will not notice in these pictures is a bear. We have been ‘hunting’ for a bear sighting for a while now. At our B&B last night – a freaking black bear walked across our neighbor’s driveway and around the back – delighting the newlyweds downstairs. We ran out, but did not get a sighting. Why do they hate us?

What T did not say in her daily rundown – because she is amazing and discreet – is that the first hike we did was cut short. I had an asthma attack on the way up the mountain. I have not had one in several years – but there it was. We retreated down after a couple of miles to the safety of my allergy medication and inhaler. If I had snorted a laugh and pushed up my glasses, I could complete the picture of a dork.

We also checked real estate prices here – I like to keep track. In a phrase – it is high. Everything has an Alaska upcharge – but good golly – it is expensive to live in Girdwood. I can kind of understand it – it is pretty cool here.

Now – where is that freaking bear?

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