Beach Day (and more things I’d like in Greece)

Today was a sizzler; the heat that we had on our arrival has returned.  Everyone here walks around and says how “zesthee” it is — so it’s hot even to the Greeks.  I spent the day under the shelter of an umbrella at the taverna at Skoutari beach.  There’s not much to report, other than the fact that it was so warm that I had to hop in the water every twenty minutes or so to keep cool).  I’m so grateful to Greece for having tavernas where you can sit at a table all day long and just order one juice and one salad.  I don’t understand the business model, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

Went home in the early evening to try to nap, but I’m just not good at sleeping when it’s hot (even with two fans blowing non-stop).  So I’ve taken myself to Xerokabi to have dinner and type at a table in the square.  And with no photos to share, I’ll instead offer some additions to my list of things that I’d like to see in Greece:



A giant grafitti-removal kit

A law against texting while riding your scooter and also holding onto an absolutely giant bag of potatoes

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