July 21: Birthday on Kauai!

Came upstairs & was greeted by a breakfast surprise:

Hawaii 2013 042

Such a yummy way to start the day!  And if you’re wondering, the card plays music and has a hula girl who spins around really fast.

Got an early start to go up to our hike in Koke’e State Park, but we were distracted en route by an incredible mango tree on Kokee Rd.  Pres and Dusty hunted mangoes (by throwing fallen fruit up at the tree and trying, with limited success, to catch them); J and I gathered them.

Hawaii 2013 053

Hawaii 2013 050

Hawaii 2013 046Hawaii 2013 052

Hawaii 2013 051

With about 40 mangoes in our trunk, we finally tore ourselves away and continued up, up, up the mountains and into the cool breezes of Koke’e.  Then we hiked down, down, down the Awa’awapuhi Trail, which is a significant 3.25 mile (one way) trek to an amazing view down over the Na Pali Coast.

Hawaii 2013 061

Hawaii 2013 062

Hawaii 2013 064

Hawaii 2013 071

Went home for a brief snooze before heading out again, this time to relax in the grass, snorkel, and watch the surfers at Lawa’i Beach in Poipu.

Hawaii 2013 067

Hawaii 2013 070After rinsing off, we had dinner at the Beach House Restaurant — very yummy fish (and excellent lilikoi mojitos).  It was a lovely place for a birthday meal; we watched the sun go down and the full moon (a super moon!) rise and lots of people take pictures of each other and the sunset from the restaurant’s grassy lawn.

Hawaii 2013 074




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