July 22: From Kekaha to Hanalei

Woke up early and dithered for a while over a multi-course breakfast (apple bananas, likikoi (including one that tasted like perfume), toast with coconut peanut butter, and yoghurt).  Prescott worked hard on a mango massacre (J & T helped at the end) and made a super-full blender of delicious mango smoothie.  Here’s a picture of our very nice house:


After breakfast, Pres and Dusty stayed home to work and rest, respectively, while the intrepid sisters set out for the road at the end of the earth (aka a very long, hot, sandy beach at the end of a bumpy 4WD road).  First the paved road took us past a shrimp farm, a mystery quarantine facility, genetically modified seed farms, and one horse and one donkey tied to posts.  Then we arrived at the 4WD road – note that we don’t have a 4WD vehicle — where our heads nearly wobbled off of our necks.  We abandoned the car in the shade of monkeypod tree and proceeded to walk down the sandy road, at which point we were rescued by a kind couple from Arizona, who drove us in their SUV to the heart of Polihale Beach.

Walked down the beach to Queen’s Pond, along a protected reef, to the most beautiful swimming ocean we’ve seen.  Perfectly clear green-blue water, soft sand as far out as we could walk, just the right number and rhythm of waves (we nicknamed it the soporific Pacific).  T


he area was nearly entirely deserted; we saw one fisherman, two powered hang gliders, and many catamarans.  We were nearly at the end of 17 miles of sandy beach, with a view to the cliffs of the Na Pali Coast rising out of the ocean.


At some point, Tina lost her marbles (Jossie is dictating) and decided that she needed to run up a 50-foot dune and then run back down:


We made an uneventful return to our house in Kekaha and departed, but not before looting a good deal of fruit from the rental property just next door (three papyas and four mangoes, the last of which required Prescott to walk on a roof to procure them).

 Took a food-based drive to our next place of residence, stopping:

1)      In Hanapepe for coffee and smoothies (Dusty had 4 espresso shots in his Midnight Marauder; Prescott had 2 in his Jitterbug; J had a great acai bowl).  Fully caffeinated, Dusty and Prescott talked a straight stream all the way to lunch.

2)      In Kapa’a, perfect fish & chips and excellent fish tacos at Pau Hana.

3)      In Kapa’a, at Hee Fat General Store, for shave ice that was wonderful.

Ended up at our new place of residence, the Taro Patch Hale in Hanalei.  We’re back in a valley, and this property is filled with bonsais situated all across the lawn (at least 40), banana and guava trees, and a vast lawn. 


Our two little cottages are fifty yards apart, a stone’s throw away from a stream.  The WC at each cottage is covered by en plein air, including the shower. Here are our cottages (and the Scootchie-like dog who lives here, Pu’a):


Dinner at home:  okra and noodles, grilled ahi from the local fish market, and grilled chicken.  Ono!

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