July 23: Lots of Snorkeling!

Early morning for some of us, but Jocelyn and Prescott were active (they went running down the road) while Dusty and I relaxed in our two separate cottages and listened to the rain pour down.  Chatted with Lance, our chatty host, about his bonsai collection (we were well educated) and this impressive property.  We finally left our cottages, as J says, “at the crack of 11:30.”

It was lazily raining at our cottages, but it was bright and sunny at the beach.  We went snorkeling at Tunnels, a reef just west of Hanalei that’s so big that, they say, you can see it from outer space.  


So many fish!  Great water, easy swimming.  We saw a monk seal hanging out and sleeping on the beach on our way to the reef; on our way back, we watched two kite surfers out for a ride.


Headed for the farmers market at Waipa, which had wonderful fruit (pineapples, lilikoi, mangoes, papaya, dragonfruit, mangosteen, lemons and limes …).  Unfortunately, it was hot as blazes (it felt like we were right back in Baltimore). 

Delicious ice cream at Pink’s Creamery: Hanalei Sunrise (dreamsicle with bits of pineapple) for T; Kona Mud (very strong coffee with bits of chocolate crumble) for J; a Mango Cream milkshake for Dusty (if you’re wondering, Pres went to a coffee shop and got a coconut cream iced coffee).  Late lunch back at home in the cottages.

J, Dusty and T then headed out for Anini Beach for another round of snorkeling.  On our way, we stopped at the Hanalei overlook to see the taro fields that stretch out along the road up to our cottages. 


The reef at Anini had great coral, but the fish seemed to be hiding – they were very hard to find (though we did see some great clownfish and two eels).  The beach had great views of the Kilauea lighthouse far off in the distance.


In the line at Foodland on the way home, J ran into a friend from Forestry School – random!  Back to the cottage for dinner, a bit of learning cribbage, and an early bedtime (with more chatting with Lance for Tina, who has to travel the property in order to find the wifi necessary for blogging …).

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