Through the Wet Market

We started our day with a forty-minute walk along the rail trail to the Bukit Timah hawker center & wet market.  There, we had a healthy breakfast of fried carbohydrates (that’s really what most hawker centers specialize in).  We really enjoyed the tissue prata, which is a beautiful pyramid-shaped fried carbohydrate with lots of sugar added:


Today we really took time to explore the wet market on the bottom floor, where they sell fresh produce…


…and meat …


… and fish/shellfish.


We also found people who sold eggs (rows and rows of them), tofu and homemade noodles, and Chinese dry goods.  The noodle lady gave a sympathetic laugh when we told her we were vegetarian.

It’s fascinating; as you twist your way through the narrow aisles, you find unexpected things (a joss paper and incense shop, live goldfish being sold right next to very dead eels, three tailor/alteration shops).

We had mangosteens, rambutans, and mangoes (not pictured here) for lunch:


And on a note unrelated to the market experience, Prescott showed me two swimming pools today that I did not know existed at our condo complex.  That brings the total number of pools here to eight, which just amazes me.


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