The HAZE, Day 2

Well, the haze is getting worse.  It’s now bad enough that the Singapore government has written a letter to Indonesia saying, “knock it off — enough with the forest fires already.”  I’m trying to imagine Indonesia’s response …

The haze makes you search out indoor activities (such as giving your apartment a really thorough cleaning, which is how we’ve spent our morning as we wait with great anticipation for our Amazon order to arrive).  Looking out the window is just depressing:


And according to the SAS haze protocol, we’ll continue going to school no matter how bad the haze gets — though “distance learning available on request” for the kids will kick in at some point.

I will try not to complain about the haze here every day, nor do I plan to post daily PSI numbers (though it’s tempting, especially as I contemplate downloading a haze app onto my phone).  But it’s definitely changing our honeymoon with Singapore!

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