Running Errands

I know, I know — everyone wants to read about people running errands.  It’s almost as fun as running the errands themselves.  But today’s chores had to happen sometime, and we tried to find ways to amuse ourselves along the way.  So before we met the van guy and picked up our new (used) balcony furniture, we stopped at an amazing prata place in Sembawang and ate too much food, which included this beautiful “paper” thosi:



Then it was time to go in search of a tailor and a framing place.  It turns out that framing in Singapore is cheap, and tailoring is not.  The frame shop was interesting; the employees did not appear to be invested in giving helpful suggestions like they do in the US (that’s in keeping with most customer service in Singapore, which isn’t always big on the “service” aspect).  Frame shops here are also open air — they set up displays right on the sidewalk.


Prescott and I then went to a bakery and ate yummy speculoos cheesecake while debating how to spend our evening.  We settled on a performance of movie music by the National University of Singapore Orchestra at the Botanic Gardens.  It was great!  Lots of John Williams, with a little music from “The Dark Knight” to mix things up.



We were also impressed by the sea of humanity that came out for the concert.



People didn’t clap as much or for as long as I’m used to; I don’t know if that’s a Singapore thing, or if that’s because it was an outdoor concert.  But it was curious.

I’ll end with the sign of the day, featuring our pal Bag-Down-Benny (cousin to our favorite guy, Move-in-Martin):




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