Singapore in Drag

Let me tell you what I did not expect to find in Singapore:  a drag show.  But there we were last night, watching just that in all of its campy, trashy, questionable taste glory.  Prescott, our friend Shu Ning and I went to a bar/restaurant that looked fairly innocuous and boring (if unusually large) at first glance, but which was transformed for the night — by virtue of terrific hosting and great production work — into a pretty great event space.  We had the bar equivalent of nosebleed seats, but no matter; this was all about finding something fun and unexpected.


What made this event so surprising?  Well, Singapore is not exactly known for being queer-friendly or for liking people who go off script.  This drag show had both of those things in spades.  Indeed, it felt deeply familiar; aside from some local jokes (including a few about race, also unexpected), the show would have been perfectly at home in Baltimore.  It was refreshing to find that Singapore has this on offer, that the government has not shut it down (yet), and that there’s enough of an audience to support it.

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