Working, Working

In some ways, it’s hard to believe that we’ve only been here for four months.  As far as work goes, we’re both pretty thoroughly ensconced in our lives at Singapore American School (SAS) at this point.  If you missed the announcement a few months back, Prescott is employed as the Sustainability Planner with the SAS Facilities department.  He is taking on big projects like planning for a new solar array, designing a new cooling system, and overhauling our recycling arrangement.

One of Prescott’s other job responsibilities involves community engagement.  He solicits input from students and teachers, meets with the high school environmental groups, and gets interviewed by kids with sustainability interests.  This morning, he was down in the kindergarten teaching the kids about recycling (and, in a way that only Prescott can, telling four year olds that it’s fine to eat dirt).  He was a huge hit — apparently, by lunchtime, some of the kids were calling him Mr. Prescott, while others were calling him Mr. Garbage.


(The kids are all wearing red because we were having our version of homecoming today.)

My news is that our office will officially be splitting next year into College Counseling and Personal-Academic Counseling offices, am I will be the head of College Counseling.  It’s a huge project — we’ll have a team of seven college counselors, and every time I turn a corner, there’s something new to think about in terms of planning for next fall (starting with hiring three new college counselors). My sister has wisely counseled that I choose one definite start date for my new role and stick to it, but so far, I’m not following her advice all that well.

The good thing is that I’m working with a great team of people.  They’re hilarious and thoughtful and hardworking (the last seems to be a job requirement at SAS).  So while my days are too long and I continue to be depressed about the election, these guys are helping to keep my spirits up.



2 responses to “Working, Working

  1. In the picture with Prescott and the kids, which on is Prescott. BTW. No, I did not read the blog that said that Pres had gotten a job. I’m still catching up on the earlier blogs. They are wonderful. Dennis

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