Frozen: The Sing-a-Long

Yes, I went to a sing-a-long version of Frozen with my friend Megan yesterday.  There’s nothing so wonderfully campy as being in a huge, 1960s era theater and belting out “Let It Go” with a room of six-year-olds in princess dresses and tiaras.  It’s good stuff:  they put the words up on the screen, and you follow the bouncing snowflake:


Other than that, my Saturday was fairly uneventful.  I spent the morning walking the rail trail to the Bukit Timah wet market and hawker center, which is my favorite way to buy my week’s fruits and vegetables.  The bonus is that I can sit down and have breakfast and juice while I’m there.  This time I found a stall that sold green tea thunder rice, which was a good thing for two reasons: (1) it’s tricky to find vegetarian food at hawker stalls, and (2) it was delicious.

img_7811Green tea thunder rice is an odd dish: you get nuts and veggies and tofu piled on top of rice, and then you’re given a powdery-looking bowl of green tea to pour on top.  It tastes much better than either the name or the description would suggest.

Other than that, Prescott and I went to the SAS holiday party, which was held at a fancy hotel.  Even with a party and lots of fake Christmas trees everywhere (I helped to decorate the one in my office), it does not feel much like Christmas here.  There’s a distinct absence of present-buying and tree-trimming (never mind owning) and baking at our little apartment.  I’m hoping to get a more in the spirit once vacation starts in two weeks.

To close, I’ll share these strange guys we found at an MRT stop.  It’s a relief to see some whimsy in Singapore every once and a while, even if the sightings are rare:





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