Hort Park

Yesterday Prescott and I went to a small party hosted by the parents of one of my students (they also own a landscape architecture business, so I think Prescott wound up on the invite list before I did).  Afterward, we went to a nearby green space, Hort Park, which functions as a giant Singapore gardening resource: they grow experimental plants, they host gardening classes, and they have a beautiful garden that’s better labeled than most parks in Singapore.  This is the front entrance:


I had fun taking selfies (there might have been some alcohol consumption at the party):


Prescott and I also spent time investigating the vegetable garden, where they grow everything from corn to giant okra:


They also grow fruit, like this tiny pineapple (though I’m pretty sure it’s just ornamental)…


…and bananas (the pink cone is a banana flower, and the tiny yellow things at its base are itty-bitty baby bananas):


We went to the playground …


… and we explored funny little art structures that dot the gardens hither and yon, which involve everything from cubes and mirrors to small huts to a little cartoon man with a fish on his head (we still have no idea what that one’s about).


I promised myself that I wasn’t going to post any flower pictures this time, but we were at a garden, and these were too pretty to resist…


and this one makes me laugh …


… and this one reminds me of Christmas:


Speaking of Christmas, I went to a carol sing on Saturday night.


It wasn’t what I’d expected from a sing-along at an Anglican church.  There was a four-piece band, so we sang Christmas carols that had a bass line and a backbeat.  Not the usual organ- or piano-based Christmas fare — it was far more karaoke than John Rutter.  But I had a great time.


2 responses to “Hort Park

  1. The cartoon is of Woody Allen. Search Google Images for “Inside Woody Allen” to see that I’m not kidding!

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