My Airport Concierge

My love affair with Changi Airport continues.  On my way to Bangkok, I was walking with Brenda, one of the other Debate and Forensics chaperones, looking to kill a little time before our flight.  I wondered out loud in which terminal we might find the Botanic Gardens orchid display.  Suddenly a small woman in an orange polo shirt sporting an airport badge appeared at our side and said, “the orchids are in this terminal, to our right.  And if you go just over there to your left, you can have your picture taken with our airport mascot.

All of this amazed me.  I have never been at an airport where anyone wanted to be helpful voluntarily.  And I have certainly never seen an airport mascot.  But here we are in our SAS-required Eagles travel shirts with the Changi airplane:

IMG_1064We also went to see the orchids, of course:


Just as we were leaving the orchid display, the woman with the airport badge appeared again.  She said, “if you enjoyed the orchids, there is a sunflower garden upstairs.  And we are offering free snacks just around that corner.”

As we ate our small cones of Asian cracker mix, Brenda and I laughed with delight at the fact that someone appeared to be employed to wander around the airport just to provide us with entertainment advice.  And while we did not have time to make it to the sunflower garden, we walked to the gate with smiles on our faces.

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