School Days

Some people have asked whether, in the midst of all of our gallivanting, Prescott and I actually go to work.  To reassure everyone, here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to at the Singapore American School (SAS).

In addition to figuring out cool things related to solar panels, water coolers, and rain water diversion, Prescott has been trying his hand at teaching.  So far, he has been in classrooms with seventh graders, third graders, and preschoolers.  He has been a huge inspiration to the little kids; they now know all about composting and upcycling (though it seems that their teachers have told the kids that they may no longer call Prescott “Mr. Garbage”).  The Early Learning Center kids even invited him to an end-of-year party. He was asked to come wearing an upcycled hat (assembled hastily when we arrived at school that morning)…


… but was presented with a kid-made upcycled crown!



The teachers compiled a book called “The Earth and the Children” based on their classes’ work with Prescott.  Here are some excerpts:



Prescott also gave an SASx talk (think a TED talk for schools) called “Improvisational Thinking for Sustainable Design.”  If you have fourteen minutes, it’s great fun.

I’ve been doing a lot of work getting ready for my role as director of the newly-developed college counseling office next year.  This mostly involves sitting in front of my computer and then going to lots of meetings.  But I was also asked to moderate a panel on liberal arts colleges at the unfortunately-named but nonetheless excellent GUCC (Global University Counselor Connect) conference:


The coordinators of the SAS Senior Ladies Luncheon asked me to be one of their speakers, which was a huge honor for someone new to the school.


After my speech, which focused on my female mentors, I joined in a panel conversation on women’s career journeys.



So yes, we do work — we’re just doing our best to find room for exploring as well!


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