First created as a way for my grandmother to follow my 40th-birthday trip to Alaska, this site is now a record of my travels through the US, Europe, and Asia.  It’s a look at food and drinks and desserts, at parks and beaches and mountains, at museums and architecture and public art.  It’s a chance to see places you might never go or get recommendations for that next trip that’s right around the corner.

Now that I’m living in Singapore, I’m exploring every nook and cranny of this tiny island nation.  So you’ll find plenty of ideas for your to do list if you’re wondering how to make the Red Dot your own.

3 responses to “About

  1. I am a relative of yours. Your Grandmother Irene was the sister to my Grandfather Gerald.
    I would love to speek to you about our family history! Look forward to connecting with you!!!

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