From Homer to Seward

We had incredible sun on Friday afternoon and all of Saturday, but it looks like we may have only rain from hereon in. Spent a leisurely morning chatting with the people at our B&B (we really liked the hosts’ niece and her husband, Summer and Haney). Then we drove into Homer and sat in the Two Sisters Bakery, poked around a few of the high-quality art galleries (Homer is a very artsy town), and had wonderful massages at the Homer Day Spa. By the time we drove out of Homer, the clouds had lifted enough for us to have one last look at the mountains.

Prescott is very patient in letting me make lots of roadside stops for pictures. He asks, “Don’t we already have a few pictures of these mountains?” very, very quietly.

The drive from Homer to Seward was fairly uneventful; it was rainy and cloudy most of the time, so we didn’t have the views for which this trip is famous. We did have a great bald eagle siting, though, and had a chance to admire a number of roadside attractions. Our first stop was at a Russian Orthodox church, built in 1901, in Ninilchik.

Prescott also had to work to fend off a very large mosquito in Kasilof!

We arrived at our B&B — the Bear Lake Lodge — at about 8:00 tonight, It’s a nice place right on a lake, with canoes and kayaks that we can use if it ever stops raining (or if we just want a soggy boat ride). Our room has a few downsides — twin beds, a shared bath, and one tiny window — but the common area has great views. And there are two juvenile bald eagles in the tree right near the deck! The one in this picture is pretty well camouflaged.

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