From Western Mass to Central VT

Had a lazy morning at J & Dusty’s’s house, everyone playing with his or her computerized device of choice. Drove into Northampton to go to the gym (lifting heavy objects and appreciating the AC). Then had a delicious lunch at Haymarket — tempeh tacos for Pres, a gruyere/leek tart with salad for T, and a quinoa salad for J. But the food is mostly an aside from my perspective, because I would drive to NoHo just for the juice at Haymarket. Their carrot/ginger/grapefruit is the best!

Did a little NoHo shopping followed by a trip to Herrel’s (where Pres had a coffee/Bailey’s shake that was outstanding). Drove back up to J’s (with 2 quick side stops for drop and raspberries). J & Pres stayed at home while Dusty and I went to a nearby stream for a wading, swimming, and waterfall adventure. We spent a while clambering over rocks and climbing up the waterfall. It was a great way to get relief from the incredible heat, and a lot of fun to boot!

Pres & I packed up and drove up to Vermont. It’s a stunning drive — I love watching the mountains unfold out to the west as you drive north from White River Junction. We made our way up, up, up the hill to Berta & Wally’s house in East Montpelier. They no longer have a doormat that says “Go Away,” which is disappointing, but the company is as good as ever. J drove up too, and Marge Scott is here, so we had a nice group for dinner and chatting. It’s finally cooling down as well, which is a welcome change.


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