August 1: Last Morning

We’ve been back on the mainland for almost two weeks now, but I thought I’d give a quick wrap-up of our last morning in Kauai for completion’s sake.  T woke up early and went for a hike up Sleeping Giant, which has incredible views (unfortunately, with the sun still rising, very few of these wanted to cooperate with the camera).  It reminded me a little of a Honolulu hike, because you could see houses below for most of the walk — so it didn’t feel as remote and wilderness-y as a lot of Kauai’s trekking options.

Sleeping Giant Hike

Sleeping Giant Hike 3

J went for a run, and then we all rushed around getting ourselves packed and ready to leave.

We all went out for one more quick hike to Ho’ip’i Falls (totally irresistable).

Ho'opi'i Falls, Second tripHo'opi'i Falls, Second trip 2

We then went for one last round of croissants at Art Cafe Hemmingway.  Slowly transitioning back to mainland time (because we had a plane to catch), we suddenly realized how slow the service was (and how much we’d grown used to it).  But the croissants were still delicious!

Art Cafe Hemmingway

Took showers, finished up our packing, ate the last of the fruit in our fridge, and headed out for the airport.  Bye-bye, Kauai!

Lihue Airport

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