Paris, Day Huit

Slept in, thank goodness, and then went to the Musee Rodin.  As I walked through the gardens, I had the first real sun I’d seen in a while, which was amazing.  And the gardens are lovely, even in winter; Rodin statues dot the paths, and Les Invilides stands majestically in the background.






Then went in to look through the small but really nice museum.  It’s housed in a small mansion that was Rodin’s home, and it’s great to see the work in spaces where it might once have stood when he was alive.  And both the work and the home are beautiful.

IMG_4676 IMG_4678 IMG_4682

Took the Metro to see Saint-Germain-des-Pres, one of the oldest churches in Paris.  Lit a candle for Gram, though I’m pretty sure she would not have been one for candle lighting (especially given that you have to pay for the candle …).

IMG_4684 IMG_4685


Walked to the Musee National de Moyen Age (once called the Musee de Cluny — no idea why they changed a perfectly good name).  Met Carolyn there and had a great time looking at the exhibits, which seem pretty jumbled downstairs and pretty wonderfully curated upstairs.  The big highlight is the set of Lady and the Unicorn tapestries.


But there are other fun items on display — like this chess piece and top of a walking stick — and all the religious iconography you could possible want, including a tapestry that outlines the crazy and impossible to understand post-life of St. Stephen.

IMG_4688 IMG_4689


Carolyn and I then went to a cafe near Odeon, where we spent hours and hours sipping hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course) and chatting.  It’s really great to see her.  We took a long walk from the cafe toward the Place de la Concorde, where she lives, over the Seine and past the Louvre and through the Tuileries Gardens.  The light was great — more blue sky and a soft sunset.

IMG_4697 IMG_4698

Hung out at Carolyn’s house drinking wine, eating fruits and nuts and white asparagus and gnocchi, until way, way past bedtime.  So much fun to see her again!

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