We’ve Arrived

image1Well, after nearly 24 hours of travel time, we’ve made it to the Pan Pacific Hotel.  We’re two blocks from Orchard Road (imagine a very large street of nearly endless fancy shops and malls, from Starbucks to Steinway Pianos — it’s Singapore’s 5th Avenue).  It’s way past our bedtime, so I’ll save the Singapore reflections for tomorrow.  All that matters at the moment is that the hotel room is lovely (ok, it’s pretty standard, but they had a nice sandwich dinner waiting for us when we arrived and the shower is outstanding) and there’s a bed with clean, white sheets waiting.

One response to “We’ve Arrived

  1. Hello from way back here across the world !
    I just now also received and read Tina’ s posts from the France trip — Given those, I look forward to many reviews about food, along with history, art, culture, and daily travails of managing life in Singapore.
    FYI, Tina: Gram would definitely have made protest about candle lighting in a church in her memory…
    Yet my take is that underneath all that, especially in her later years, she was able to” take in” expressions of love for what they were.
    Besides, we need to do these things for ourselves…
    and I was touched to read it.

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