Four Dresses and a Carrot Cake

We started our day with our usual weekend walk down the rail trail to the Bukit Timah wet market and hawker center.


At the hawker center, we ate tea thunder rice, chee cheong fun, and carrot cake, trying to give J a taste of some of the different hawker stall options in Singapore.

img_9449I also tried a piece of rainbow kueh (a rice flour/coconut milk cake), because it looked really tempting:


We bought rambutans, a spectacularly beautiful fruit:


Much of our afternoon involved sitting by the pool, reading, drinking delicious mango pina coladas, and getting slightly sunburned.  Then while Prescott went to get ready for an improv party, J and I headed down to Little India.



I bought some spices and we both took in the sights and smells (which are many) of this part of town.  We also ran across this door, which made both of us smile:img_9452From Little India, we walked to Kampong Glam, the old Malay and Arab section of Singapore.  We stopped for beverages …


…we found and bought dried figs and dates…


… and we admired what many think is Singapore’s most beautiful mosque:



We also invested more time than we’d expected buying and waiting for a cendol sundae with pandan jelly worms and gula melaka sauce (we had to look up at least half of those words).  Here’s J waiting patiently for our cup:


And here we are getting ready to eat something truly delicious:


Then we got down to serious shopping on Haji Street.  Between us, we now own four new dresses …


After dinner at a Turkish restaurant, we walked back to the MRT past the Parkview Building, which I call the Batman Building:img_9469


We closed our evening with a viewing of Roman Holiday, which gave a nice close to a somewhat random but satisfying day.

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