Halfway Lost in Translation

As you might expect, some of the English-language signage in China is delightfully odd. This “cautioni” sign caught our attention (and what’s that mean, pokey car doing to that poor pedestrian?):



I like the idea of safely falling off of a wall:


We had no idea what to make of this tulou description:


But we appreciated this “warm reminded”:


This warning about traffic and driving – which we found on a pedestrian-only road, and which has a picture of a pedestrian (doing what, I’m not sure) – remains a mystery:


Cities offer a lot more signage in English than the Hakka villages, so our entertainment-by-signs increased significantly once we arrived in the city of Quanzhou on our last day. We actually ate at this restaurant (though it now has a new name, sadly):


Everyone loved the signs in bathrooms:


It was the first time anyone had seen a warning sign about throwing benches (benches that, apparently, look like ice cubes):


These instructions for an arcade game made me laugh:


And I was so excited about a sign celebrating the Year of Chicken (as opposed to The Year of the Rooster) that I almost missed the unusual use of “yesar”:


And the signs at our hotel at breakfast just got better and better:




If I ever start a band, I’m going to call it Fry the Hydrophobic!


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