Of Vice and Light

Prescott and I went to the Singapore Cocktail Festival yesterday.



Many different local bars had rented stalls and were showing off their tricks.  We ordered drinks like the Lion City Sour and the Singapore Girl and the Kopi Old Fashioned and Dutch Tea (the last one brought to you by Bols genever).


Some brands also had elaborate and unexpected room set-ups.  Hendricks Gin, for example, had a Dreams room that included an odd virtual reality marketing gimmick…


…and baby pools filed with plastic balls that I absolutely loved.


I liked the signage…

… though I found this one a little puzzling.  Does that warning in the lower right-hand row mean no praying with bubble tea?


We then took the MRT to the iLight Marina Bay festival, which bills itself as the “largest sustainable light festival” (not sure what that means) in Asia.  We found this cow (random)…


… and these lacy sea urchins…


… and these lines (Prescott thought they looked like a giant potholder weaving experiment)…


…and this creepy baby (if you stood in a long line, you could have your face projected onto it — even creepier):


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