Roadside America

I’ve spent the better part of the past seven weeks in the US, which has given me ample time to reflect on the differences between Singapore and my country of origin.  One obvious distinction is the clutter on US roadways, such as wires, billboards, and my favorite: giant statues.  These are often designated “roadside attractions,” but I call them (perhaps incorrectly) “Americana.”

I am fascinated with the ways in which businesses in the US advertise themselves.  My favorite kind of Americana is the largely homemade, one-of-a-kind variety, such as this display we found along western Massachusetts’ Mohawk Trail:


Here arIMG_2957This display included a few roadside bear attacks:



We also liked this scene of a miner and a dinosaur:IMG_3063

Some people stick Americana up on the sides of their buildings.  I found cows …


… and frogs …


… and Seussian beings:


Some Americana invites you to be interactive, such as this enormous Adirondack chair (in which are seated my dad, aunt, and sister):

IMG_2899And some businesses go all the way, turning their entire storefronts into Americana, from the leaning tower of Pisa …


… to a ship …


… to a lighthouse …


… to a milk bottle:


I also appreciate (in small doses) America’s enthusiasm for large objects that light up.  Sadly, this cactus seemed to be out of commission:


But it’s impossible to miss the lights of the giant Citgo sign against the evening sky in Boston:IMG_3149.jpg

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