Water Park!!!

I feel like I came to water parks far too late in life. At this point, I have been to a grand total of two — both in the past three months — and I can’t wait for the next one.

My most recent outing took me to Adventure Cove on the “resort island” of Sentosa (where Singapore is at its most Diseny-fied). There are at least two dozen water parks in Singapore, but according to some Singaporeans we know, Adventure Cove is the “posh” one.


We went with our friends Megan and Blake, who were kind enough to share their free tickets with us. First we ran over to everything ride-like that we could find, including a pretty wild roller coaster called the Riptide Rocket. This ride, billed as “Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster,” would have been perfect if it hadn’t been outfitted with a feature designed to spray water into your face (a good cooling feature, but less than ideal for the contact wearers among us). I think my favorite ride was the Whirlpool Washout, which is one of four sit-in-a-tube-and-fly-down-the-tunnels options at the park.

Adventure Cove is probably best known for its long and elaborate lazy river.


The river goes into a dark tunnel (complete with fake, oversized bats hanging from the ceiling) …


… passes by a tank filled with rays …


… and floats you by some pretty strange statues:


You also pass through a tunnel in which there are fish overhead, but I would have to say that the tank was in serious need of a cleaning.


Prescott took the “lazy” part of “lazy river” very seriously.


He looked like this for the entire ride.


I, on the other hand, spent as much time as possible kicking off of the walls, spinning in circles, and getting wet!!!


The other notable parts of this water park included adult activity challenges (e.g., a ropes course, a not-very-high high jump, a rope climb, and a slackline bridge), a “big bucket treehouse” (the one at Legoland Malaysia is much better — the bucket at Adventure Cove is just not very big), and a tank where you can snorkel in salt water with some pretty impressive reef fish. If you float along and enjoy the fish, you can almost forget that you’re in an enormous aquarium — until you encounter this in the middle of your swim:


Still, this was a great place to spend a day (we stayed for about four hours, and I could happily have stayed longer). I’m not sure which water park I’ll try next, but there is definitely one in my future!


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