A Merry Tassie Chrissie!

Merry Christmas from Tasmania (where any word that can be shortened, will be)! Hobart doesn’t get as gussied up for Christmas as the US (or Singapore, for that matter) — Christmas here seems to be much more about the food — but the horses do get a touch of red:



We spent our Christmas day eating (at a giant buffet at Wrest Point that was like a wedding with no bride) …


… strolling along the water …


… walking by the small houses and amazing gardens of Sandy Bay …


… hiking to Silver Falls…


… finding Christmassy proteas (Tasmanian waratah) …


… and Christmassy junipers (mountain pinkberry) …


… driving up to the moon-rock summit of Mt. Wellington …


… and stopping to smell the roses:


We ended the evening with a spread of local cheeses and crackers in front of the fire on our porch. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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