Dinner in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its street food, and you practically stumble over amazing Thai restaurants everywhere you go.


That’s the mango with sticky rice at Jim Thompson: A Thai Restaurant — and wow, is it amazing! Their fresh spring rolls are also melt-in-your-mouth good, and Prescott declared their pomelo salad “tamarind-licious.” Closer to our hotel, we also had a remarkably yummy pad thai and yet more mango with sticky rice at Mazzaro.

But Bangkok isn’t all noodles and mangos; there’s plenty of fine dining to be found as well. We had an anniversary dinner at Mezzaluna, billed as “Bangkok’s finest and highest restaurant.” It sits on the 65th floor of the Lebua Hotel, which means that you have panoramic night sky views while you eat.


The restaurant serves French food with a Japanese flair, so we had dishes such as daikon served four ways …


… shrimp “slightly cooked” with caviar, carrot, and a saffron bisque …


… sanma (mackerel pike) “charred soy marinated” with green eggplant and ham jelly (which tastes a lot better than it sounds) …


… and this really yummy off-the-menu fish:


In addition to the perfect wagyu beef (I took a night off from being pescatarian), two of my favorite dishes were the carrots from Prescott’s vegetarian menu …


… and the Hokkaido mussels hiding inside of this macaroni timbale with smoked haddock mousseline and artichoke:


They tried to serve us a very elegant piece of aged and poached longtooth grouper, but even at a fancy restaurant, Prescott can’t help playing with his food …


There were at least three dessert courses, the best of which was an off-menu cassis jelly/cookie/sorbet tower of some sort. I also loved the little raspberry bombs topped with seaweed (a combo I never would have expected to like, but surprises are half the fun at restaurants like this one) that came as part of the final course:


Dinner at Mezzaluna is fantastically expensive, and the drinks are even more so (the water alone will set you back quickly at the price of $6 for a small bottle). But it’s a great experience, and you get a personal tour out onto the rooftop afterwards.


We were lucky to have a hotel room right downstairs, and I’m a sucker for all of the views from the Lebua — towards the river …


… along the dozens of curved hotel room balconies (every room has one) …


… and out over the breadth of the city:


Since we’re on the subject of food, I should add that the Lebua has a complimentary breakfast buffet that is one of my favorite in the world.

If you just want to go out for a drink, Bangkok has hundreds of bars to satisfy every taste. Our favorite of this trip was Hanakaruta, a sake and cocktail bar, mostly because we couldn’t stop laughing about this!


And just in case you’re tempted to order it, beware: the Sake of Recommended for Women is terrible!

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