The Best Treat in Siem Reap

I almost never write just about a single restaurant, but the Fresh Fruit Factory in Siem Reap makes me so happy that it deserves its own page. Why? First of all, there’s nothing like their decadent ice mountains on a hot Cambodian afternoon. My favorites are the mango and passionfruit …

… and the lime and honey:

Want something in vivid pink? Try dragonfruit. Want to add a caffeine kick? Try coffee. If you like your ice super-finely shaved, there’s something for everyone.

They have more filling options as well, including french toast and sandwiches. We were feeling brave and tried the cold mango pasta, which turned out to be a surprise hit! A little sweet, mostly savory … yum.

Why else do I love the Fresh Fruit Factory? Well, the cats (13 at most recent count) that roam freely — and sleep — all around the place are a nice bonus.

Have a cat allergy? Not to worry; this is an open-air restaurant, and you can always choose a seat away from the fur.

Finally, I love the vibe. The owners are kind and welcoming, and no one here is in a hurry. There’s writing all over the walls, so you can see the commentary and art of the visitors who have come before you — including my own stylized rendition of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay from 2017.

If you find yourself in Siem Reap and need a treat (or just a place to relax), make sure to visit!

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