Final Morning in the Gorge

Woke up early to another one of Maka’s larger-than-life breakfasts (half of a tomato, a quarter of an avacado, half of a cucumber, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed eggplant, Georgian cheese bread, scrambled eggs, and a sizable bowl of apricots, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries.

Hiked up Beacon Rock, a quick trek up 52 switchbacks that some kindly but crazy person constructed after buying the site for a dollar in 1915.  It’s an amazing peak, and old lava core that juts up out of the Gorge in a dramatic way.


This is a perfect early-morning hike.  Wonderful Gorge views from the top:

IMG_4991 IMG_4992


I stopped briefly to look at these wildflowers (something in the pea family) on the drive home:


After returning to the farm, Maka led me on the trail down to their own private stream and waterfall.  I use the term “trail” very loosely — it was more like we hurtled ourselves straight down the mountainside, with Maka fearlessly leading the way, eventually tying a rope to a tree and sliding down, hopping over rocks in the river, and walking across logs at precarious heights.


I followed along wide-mouthed and inspired. The waterfall at the end was truly incredible.  I wish we’d had more time for swimming!




Said a final goodbye to the view from my basement bedroom:


I was sorry to say goodbye to Jan and Maka — it felt like we’d become friends by the end of my stay.  Hope I get back to their farm someday.


And a final look at the Gorge on my way out … Farewell, Pacific Northwest!


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