Paris, Day 2

Long, chilly, fun day over here!  It’s late, so here’s a quick rundown:

Breakfast at Eric Keyser — amazing pastries!  Walk to Instituit de La Tour, the school with which we do our exchange, to meet the kids and see how they spent their days yesterday.  Then off to La Marie of the 16th Arrondisement — pretty much the Paris version of going to the Baltimore County Executive’s Office, but much more attractive.


By the way, if you want to get married in the 16th arrondisement, you have to do it here first — even if you want a church wedding at the end of the day.  The woman is the photo is a mom of one of the girls at La Tour; she is an elected official who works for the mayor as a member of the party of the right.

Walked through the neighborhood around the school and stopped for a lovely, warming cup of hot chocolate at Carette.



Then we returned to La Tour for a lesson on how to use the Metro (take-home message:  wear your backpack like a koala bear so you don’t get pickpocketed).


While the kids had lunch at school and then went to classes with their host friends, Jenny and I went to grab a little lunch, find me a burner phone at the post office (just where you would expect to find burner phones) and have a quick cup of tea.

Our late afternoon was spent on a boat (Les Bateaux-Mouches) going up and down the Seine.  Cold — really cold — but beautiful!  The sights are the greatest hits of Paris …



Took the Metro back to school and then headed for dinner with Eliza Miller’s dad at Fish La Boissonnerie in the St. Germain area.  Had cod with pear sauce and some delicious other stuff — it was amazing food for an area that seemed pretty heavy on the tourists and ex-pats.  Entertaining conversation and a lovely meal.

Ran into Jenny at our Metro stop on the way home, which was unexpected but fun.  Now we need some sleep!

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