An evening at Clarke Quay

Prescott found improv!  We went to see The Improv Company do short form tonight, and I think Pres is pretty happy to have found a possible tribe.  They’re a very young troupe, but they’re very energetic and have some good skills.  I expect that Prescott will be spending a bit of time with them during our time here.

We walked along Clarke Quay, right near the Central Business District, in search of dinner before the show.  It’s very pretty (though some might say the pastel storefronts verge on tacky) and very touristy — tons of restaurants, lots of ex-pats, and a really active night life.


We ended up at a little Korean restaurant for dinner.  It was pricier than we would have expected for a hole in the wall, but we loved their kimchi fried rice.

image2 (2)

The riverfront was incredibly crowded after the improv show — a real spectacle.



Singapore is fascinating … you’re in the middle of an endless set of tall condo buildings, and then you stumble on a two-story tall Buddha…


… or another dire warning sign:

image1 (2)

It’s an interesting place.

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