Saying a Fond Farewell

I had work during Jocelyn’s last three days here, so she ran around Singapore clocking more miles in the heat than anyone reasonably should.  She went to Gardens by the Bay, the Riverwalk, the Chinese Heritage Museum, the Baba House, and the Malay Heritage Museum.  She saw temples in Chinatown and shops in Kampong Glam and the Raffles City Mall. She sought out char kway teow (fried yellow noodles), kueh pie tee (prawn cups), dim sum, and cendol melaka (shave ice).

All in all, she did a remarkable job of conquering the sights of Singapore.  We were able to spend the evenings together, learning to cook Cambodian food …



… going out to a long, spicy, too-much-food dinner at Song of India …


… and saying farewell at Changi airport.  We had about as much fun as you can at an airport, which has odd photo spots like this one:



J also took her last picture of an Animal of Asia, a photo series that she’d started in Thailand:


It was so sad to see her go!  It’s always hard to say goodbye to J, but it’s especially difficult when we’re separated by 9,000 miles and 13 hours.  Prescott and I will be back in the States in June, but that’s not soon enough.

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