Sunflowers on the Roof

Singapore’s Changi Airport continues to amaze me. Two of my new co-workers, Emily and Andrea, and I flew from Singapore to Bangkok last weekend, and we spent an hour wandering and wondering. We started in territory that was familiar to me: the orchid garden in Terminal 3:



This garden features over 1,000 different orchid plants, including Singapore’s national orchid, a vanda called “Miss Joaquim”:


To my amazement, I discovered that they have named an orchid after the airport. This particular variety was unveiled to commemorate the opening of Terminal 2 in 1997. Here is “Dendrobium Changi Airport”:


We next set out in search of a place I had never been:


Yes, there is a sunflower garden on the roof of my airport! It is both a strange and beautiful place:


Our adventure in the sunflower garden started a round of photobombing that would become a theme of our weekend…


We went back inside to discover that Changi also has a movie theater that plays recent releases around the clock for free. You can sit back in comfortable movie seating and watch your flight delay worries disappear.

There’s lots of signage in airports, and I noticed this warning hanging over a baby seat in one of the restrooms. There’s something very creepy about the “keep watch” face:


We all felt bad about the anxiety in the “very poor” face that you find in every restroom-rating sign in the airport (yes, you can rate the restrooms in Singapore):


The flight to Bangkok was a painless two hours with beautiful cloud formations …


… and legal gum chewing:


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